5 Things Your Minneapolis Chiropractor Wish You Knew About Your Health

5 Things Your Minneapolis Chiropractor Wish You Knew About Your Health

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More information gets passed around about health than ever before. Truly, we are more well-educated on the things that are good for us. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between valuable information and misconceptions. A lot of the information we assume to be true about our health just isn't so.

Minneapolis chiropractors know this truth very well. Every day, they see patients suffering from ailments because they weren't aware of possible solutions to their problems or habits that could have prevented them. Even worse, many people believe some of their health problems are just part of aging. Because they never believe the problem could get better, they don't seek out help.

Today, we're going to go over some of the top things your chiropractor wishes you knew about your health.

1. Your Spinal Health Affects More Than Your Back

Mostly, people think of chiropractors as the healthcare providers that "crack" your back. This is a misnomer. While your chiropractor performs spinal manipulation on the vertebrae protecting your spinal cord, they largely do so in order to protect the surrounding nerve bundles.

There are trillions of nerves in the human body. These nerves travel down to your legs, to your arms, your neck, and to your head. When something isn't right in your spinal column, this can affect any of your nerves. Which can mean a wide variety of health problems, from back pain to headaches to numbness in your foot.

2. Your Posture Matters

Poor posture can lead to poor spinal health. It also weakens your muscles. It sets your system up for long term problems. While a lot of people notice they have bad posture, they think it's either something they can't change or that they'll get to it later. The earlier you change your habits for your posture, the better. This is something your chiropractor can help you work toward.

3. Feeling Better Doesn't Mean You Are Better

Toughing out pain is a bad idea. A common belief is that you should just wait out any new pain that appears. The hope is that eventually, the pain will go away on its own.

Pain is a sign something is wrong with your health. It's an alert system your body has built in to let you know something is wrong. Just because the feeling goes away, doesn't mean the underlying issue has been taken care of. While the pain may no longer be disrupting your life at the moment, the cause could be growing worse. This could mean worse symptoms down the road.

4. Injuries Should Be Addressed for Right Away

Again, don't wait and hope that the issue goes away on its own. The sooner you address an issue, the better. Often, by seeking care and a correct diagnosis sooner, you can prevent further injury to yourself. This can mean a much faster healing process.

5. Talking to Your Minneapolis Chiropractor Leads to Better Results

Are you trying to lose weight? Get pregnant? Do you feel a twinge in your neck when you turn to the right? Do you have headaches every day?

While you may be visiting Uptown Chiropractic for one specific issue, the more you tell them about your health, the better they can help you reach your wellness goals. If you're training for a marathon, your chiropractor can help you reach optimal performance both through chiropractic and lifestyle tips.

Share as much about your health with your chiropractor as you feel comfortable doing. They're your ally on reaching your wellness goals and feeling your best.

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